Education and skills

Packaging training and qualifications from the Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining (IOM3)

IOM3 offers a range of industry-recognised packaging courses and qualifications. These include PIABC-accredited qualifications as well as training for specific sectors of the packaging industry. Packaging training is delivered by IOM Communications Ltd and is endorsed by The Packaging Society, a Division of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining. 

Certificate in Packaging

Designed to meet the needs of everyone concerned with the packaging industry, the Certificate in Packaging (accredited by PIABC) covers all the major packaging functions to provide students with a sound knowledge-base upon which to build successful career development.

Diploma in Packaging Technology

The Diploma in Packaging Technology (accredited by PIABC) is internationally recognised as the premier degree level qualification for packaging professionals, acknowledging the high standards of knowledge and skills required in this extremely specialised industry. 

Other courses, seminars and workshops currently available include:

Packaging for the Pharmaceutical sector

Print for Packaging

Corporate Training

Pack Testing


Other providers

Smithers PIRA

Offers a small number of specialist training courses on packaging, paper and print industry supply chains. Free webinars are also available.Click here for more.


Campden BRI

Is a training provider for food and drink businesses. Courses include: Packaging - Hazard Analysis - meeting the requirements of the BRC/IoP Packaging Standard, Plastic packaging and shelf life workshop, Food and drink labelling. Click here for more.


Brunel University

Sustainability, Entrepeneurship and Design MSc


Sheffield Hallam University

MA Design (Packaging) Full and part-time options


Loughborough University

The design school usually has a packaging element included in the degrees



Provides a Packaging Masters course.


The World Packaging Organisation
Offers a list of recognised courses worldwide. Click here for more information.