Award winning packs replaced with jars

17 Oct 2013

ColaLife’s Kit Yamoyo has really captured the world’s imagination. The packs fit into the slots in Coca-Cola crates for simple transport. Users in poor villages in Zambia, who helped in the design process, really like it and so do top designers, philanthropists, judges of ethics, public health and international development specialists. In the 12-month trial retailers bought 25,000 of them. Last month the Kit Yamoyo was featured as a ‘Breakthrough Innovation’ in child health at the UN General Assembly and in the last few months, the Kit Yamoyo has picked up a string of  high-profile awards including:

                            Product Design of the Year 2013
                            The Ethical Product of the Year 2013
                            The Diamond Award at the DuPont Packaging Innovation Awards
                            An Innovation By Design Award (Social Good category)

Kit Yamoyo is an anti-diarrhoea kit that contains 4g/200ml sachets of Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS), Zinc, Soap and an instruction leaflet. The Kit Yamoyo packaging acts as the measuring device for the water needed to make up the ORS, a mixing and storage device and a cup. 

ColaLife say if we remove the constraint of fitting in Coca-Cola crates from the packaging design, then we have a big opportunity to reduce costs, they add that the screw top can be manufactured locally.