Companies want recyclable coffee pods

14 Jan 2015
Godzilla made of K-Cups attacks Halifax,NS

Social Bean Gourmet Coffee Co and Egg Studios have released a satirical video in which the city of Halifax is under the attack of discarded coffee pods to generate awareness about the effects the consumer trend is having on the environment.

Doug Leblanc, Owner of Social Bean Gourmet Coffee Co notes, “Although in some single-serve systems, the packaging is recyclable, [others] are not. ...It’s impractical for employees to do so while at work. Most office coffee packaging goes straight into our landfills.”

“We aren’t looking to put anyone out of business, we simply want these organizations to develop coffee pods that are 100% recyclable right away. Waiting any longer is irresponsible,” says Mike Hachey, CEO of Egg Studios.

The video is available on YouTube through this link.