EasySnacking recognised by awards

15 Mar 2016
The Yowk packaging solution from RPC Bebo was a finalist in the Best Convenience/’On-the-Go’ Packaging category.

The convenience benefits of two RPC packs have been recognised at the World Food Innovation Awards. The EasySnacking container from RPC Superfos and the Yowk packaging solution from RPC Bebo were both named as finalists in the Best Convenience/’On-the-Go’ Packaging category at the Food Awards.

Available in two sizes – 210ml and 300ml - the EasySnacking container has a sleek one piece injection-moulded spoon in the lid. It is ideal for soups, fruit, ice cream and yoghurt, and is suitable for use in microwaves, dishwashers and freezers. For manufacturers and retailers the pack is optimised for stacking, filled or empty, leading to an effective use of space on-shelf and during transportation.

Yowk provides (almost) everything needed to enjoy a perfect boiled egg. All that has to be added is boiling water. The pack includes a pre-boiled egg, bread sticks, a spoon and seasoning. Consumers simply remove the lid and contents, leaving the egg, and fill the container with boiling water. After five minutes, the egg is ready to eat. The lid doubles as an egg cup, while the spoon incorporates a small sharp ‘tooth’ to remove the top of the egg.