Holfeld win sustainable packaging award at Repak ceremony

14 Oct 2013
From left to right: Bill Collins - General Manager Repak, Bryan Ford - UK Sales Manager Holfeld Plastics, Phil Hogan - Environme

Holfeld Plastics has won a sustainable packaging design award at the Repak 2013/14 Awards. This new category highlights companies that have been successful in introducing sustainable packaging designs to the Irish market.

The scope of the award, sponsored by the Irish Packaging Society, is broad covering all aspects such as packaging integrity but also includes eco-friendly sourcing of packaging materials, increased usage of recyclates and changing to simple, more recyclable materials.

Part of Holfeld’s presentation to meet the award was based on their Diamat technology  - the introduction of processes that ‘superclean’ recycled Polymer pellets. Holfeld design and produce meat trays and fresh produce punnets that are made from up to 90% of recycled material, are lighter than equivalent trays in the market and are designed in such a way as to minimise transport and handling requirements.

This technology is being applied across a range of materials and designs and Holfeld work with their customers so that they understand the environmental benefits as well as the technical benefits of their products.

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