NZ supermarkets take Worst Packaging Award

13 Nov 2013
Rethink Reuse bags

For the second year running supermarkets have been voted as the worst packagers in New Zealand – with the Unpackit Worst Packaging Award going to Countdown, owned by Progressive Enterprises for fruit and veg packed in plastic trays.

The Awards were decided by 15,632 votes and one third of voters chose fruit and vegetables on meat-trays and wrapped in plastic as their most hated packaging. 

Rethink Reusable Fresh Produce bags took  the Best Packaging Award, they are cotton reusable bags for fresh produce.

Unpackit organiser Sophie Ward said for many products smart packaging doesn’t have to be expensive or highly technical. “Many people told us they voted for Chelsea Sugar’s 1.5 kilo paper bag in the Best Packaging Award because it is so simple, is fully recyclable and has been the same forever.”

Chelsea Sugar placed second in the Best Packaging Award this year. Third place in the Best Packaging Award went to Ecostore for their range of recyclable packaging and refill systems.

Second place in the 2013 Worst Packaging Award went to Dell, for the non-recyclable, over-packaging of their computer monitor. Third place in the 2013 Worst Packaging Award went to Nespresso, for single serve capsules which cannot be collected for kerbside recycling.


Unpackit, 9 November 2013